Support Your Local Labyrinth [Day 30]

3년 전

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A small bird is perched
on the askew lid of a trashcan,
an outpouring of love and use
in the alley behind my apartment
where I set food for stray cats.

Eye me sideways, I am
the bird – I whistle a call,
performing, and am startled
when this bird replies, applauding
“not cat” or maybe “me too”.

There is an alley you can walk,
an ancillary vein flowing through
an overgrown tomato garden,
ripe vesseled onlookers can toss
grenades if they wish to be cheeky
or produce when charitable.

Past the garden is the bike chain,
every bike supported by another
bike to lock to bike to lock,
and no bike is left behind.

There is a rusted out “Schwinn” here,
a slight bit more shiny than new,
who spoke by swapping tires
for riding other bikes home
on handlebars that do not turn.

On a warm day, like today,
there is a basket woven
into a loaf of bread or ration,
someone rushing to retrieve
the kit with hands stained
red, clutching
overripe tomatoes.

There is a bird, noisily
living in a fountain by the museum
who did not consider me
when I emerged, a street cat
from the alley, and whistled her call;

I applauded, me too.


experimenting, this one didn't work out the way I wanted it to... and so it goes <3

Written for free-verse poetry maven @d-pend's revolutionary poetry initiative The 100 Day Poetry Challenge [Advanced Group] undertaken for Steemit School where @d-pend will be hosting a daily poetry show at 5 PM GMT.

thank you for the read
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It's funny you say this one didn't work out the way you wanted, because this may be one of my favorite poems you've done. Maybe you didn't mean it to signify the labyrinthian nature of mundanity and lives tied curtly to cycles that circle down the, well, the drain. If that's not what you were going for, then darn, but the images are astounding in this piece. Just saying.


Not to say that I don't appreciate how it developed and what it became, more so that my prewrite and outlines didn't quite translate into the poem I thought they would.

All said, this is a bit slice of life and a bit biography and a bit extended metaphor in exactly the way you said, and darn, I'm just glad you read and enjoyed my friend!

I enjoyed reading this. It felt like each line and stanza was a tangible thing given life through bored exacting description through action. Like the birds playing in the museum fountain. I hear splashes.

Like the rope tomatoes from the garden; I see the vines and bugs flying around the flowers.

At times I was confused about the speaker. Was it a cat, a bird, or a human. I couldn't tell. Perhaps that was your struggle?


always my struggle, to be honest, and thank you so much for the words and read. <3

translate to indonesia sangat lah bagus
Seekor burung kecil bertengger
pada tutup miring dari tempat sampah,
curahan cinta dan penggunaan
di gang belakang apartemenku
di mana saya meninggalkan makanan untuk kucing jalanan.

Memandangku ke samping, seperti aku
burung - saya bersiul panggilan,
tampil, dan saya terkejut
ketika burung ini membalas, bertepuk tangan
"Bukan kucing" atau mungkin "aku juga".

Ada gang yang bisa kamu jalani,
pembuluh darah tambahan mengalir melalui
kebun tomat yang ditumbuhi rumput,
pengamat granat yang matang dapat melemparkan
jika mereka ingin menjadi nakal
atau amal.

Lewati taman adalah rantai sepeda
setiap sepeda didukung oleh yang lain
sepeda untuk mengunci sepeda untuk mengunci
dan tidak ada sepeda yang terlupakan.

Ada yang berkarat “Schwinn”
sedikit lebih mengkilap daripada yang baru
yang bertukar memegang ban
untuk membiarkan sepeda lain
mengendarai setang ke rumah.

Terkadang ada keranjang di sini
dijalin menjadi sepotong roti
dan seseorang bergegas untuk mengambil
sepotong roti dengan tangan
diwarnai merah, mencengkeram
tomat yang terlalu matang.

Ada seekor burung, berisik
tinggal di air mancur oleh museum
siapa yang tidak menganggap saya
ketika saya muncul, kucing jalanan
dari gang, dan bersiul memanggilnya;

Saya bertepuk tangan, saya juga.

Lovely ... fantastic work. A slice of life work with plenty of layered symbolic meaning and things not written but clearly told:)Bravo:)

Your poetry has the gift of seducing me, dear carmalain. Today I see a magical symbolism in your writing. I see stagnant life step, life of appearance, dark corners of life, flight. Bird pointing out that something is not right, warning movement, alerts. Sedentary, perhaps, desire to fly.


the most honored, z_black_heart.png