They Grow Layers of Life [Day 26]

3년 전

They Grow Layers of Life.png

They grow layers of life
you, a chthonic mark
to imprint,

a sessile archaism
reserved for
tenure probing
dusty tomes
or tactile
pen pressed
against lips.

They grow layers of life
you, an empty vessel
to flood,

a 2x2 portrait
of a man who
might be smiling
or a woman who
is smiling.


Written for free-verse poetry maven @d-pend's revolutionary poetry initiative The 100 Day Poetry Challenge [Advanced Group] undertaken for Steemit School where @d-pend will be hosting a daily poetry show at 5 PM GMT.

thank you for the read
@isleofwrite logo design by @PegasusPhysics
header photo base was taken by Kai Schreiber and is CC2.0

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The ways our lives are interpreted after we die, and the ways that others interpret us, or rather project upon us, when we are alive. How unfortunate that we ourselves tend to be excluded from these considerations - in a way reflected in the striking address 'you' at the beginning of each phrase. That's what I'm getting from it anyways. Certainly made me sit up, but then I'm a sucker for short form :)


You are right on top of it, my friend, mapped out a few of these thoughts to explore in this piece. You nailed two of them, one of the other striking processes is the reappropriation of someone's life work by taking pieces that work for you and basically creating anachronisms - or deciding now what should be important within the context of centuries after the writer / thinker / work.

But, yes, thank you so much for the read, my friend. Really good to hear that the thoughts came through here and much appreciate the response z_thank_you.png

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