Your Favorite Stars Are Just Phantom Limbs [Day 23]

3년 전

Your Favorite Stars Are Just Phantom Limbs.png

We are all puzzles,
hands fumbling at
crooked lines
mouthing a smile
out an alligator jaw;

your knee, bent
like cubes crooked
or diamonds spilling
from your mouth,
tumbling over line

breaks or spineless
warpings of the poor
posture, lasers slicing
open your eyes to reveal
transient tethers holding

me to this life.


A favorite musician of mine passed away yesterday.

Written for free-verse poetry maven @d-pend's revolutionary poetry initiative The 100 Day Poetry Challenge [Advanced Group] undertaken for Steemit School where @d-pend will be hosting a daily poetry show at 5 PM GMT.

thank you for the read
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I liked the image of ''transient tethers holding me to this life.''
If we think about it, we all have those ''tethers'', but they're unique for everyone... thin ones, old ones, that are about to break, or thick ones, you can be sure they'd never break, if only a really sharp knife cuts them off painfully.

hehe funny that we both wrote of tethers in the same day!

Sorry I've been really behind with keeping up and reading / commenting each day - Just about managing to get the poems submitted! Want to make sure I contribute more by reading and interacting.

As always your pieces and wordplay fascinates me.. such a unique style. I love it...

I never know quite what to expect from each line!

Wonderful work as always.

With Love
Hart Floe Poet