Disregard For Human Life Is Rising

2개월 전


Reality became flexible, adjustable
Lies are flexible, lies are adjustable
But destiny of collective reality is colliding with false reality, worst reality
This reality lost it's soul, old soul.

All stories are narrating collective happenings, collective destinies
These destinies are hollow, subconsciously hollow
Truth of destiny is postponed, eternally postponed
No one knows the truth of destiny, afterwards destiny.

Respect of possession, material possession
World worships materialism, race of materialism
Truth fades away, truth loses it's way
Materialism takes over, game over.

Value of human life is diminishing, meaningless wants are winning
Human life is waiting for hope, prayers are heard by material hope
This chaos exist because of material hope, inhuman hope
Humans are knowingly or unknowingly manifesting material hope, meaningless hope.

Crown holders know which hope exist in this world, clueless world
Foundations of cluelessness are becoming strong, false hope is becoming strong
Because of whom? By whom?
Existential questions are rising, disregard for human life is rising.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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