Rest Of The Life Is Just Time

2개월 전


Time creates nothing new, wait brings nothing new
New is just a perspective, nonexistent perspective
World manifests old version, reincarnated version
Then it's called new, it's not new.

In early times life feels excited, illuminated
Then we find that it's just a scientific phenomenon, new to old phenomenon
Then every subject feels meaningless, because it's meaningless
From this point meaninglessness knocks the door on a daily basis, reoccurring is the basis.

Life's art failed to illuminate itself further, stopped travelling further
Experiences are stopped, lifelessness started
Then hope cried for new hope, old hope cried for new hope
New hope is ignorant, truth of life is ignorant.

Soul is eternal? Who proved that soul is eternal?
Stories are scary, stories turns scary
Stop listening to outside world, introspect with inside world
Inside world knows the truth of outside world, storytelling world.

Life ignored life, life stopped answering to life
Wait is extending, chaos is extending
World is pretending, when hope is dying
Slow time, rest of the life is just time.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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