Stage Is Always Ready For False Talk

2개월 전


On stage pretending acts goes on, this same story goes on
This story deceives masses, ignorant masses
The destination is ignorance, at the end humans are left with ignorance
Ignorance keeps building all this time itself, created chaotic reality by itself.

On this stage words manifests division, all kinds of division
Life fights with life, life starts hating life
This way those words are winning, those words are dividing
Humans are losing, because words are winning.

Whole act is predicting meaningless reality, enslaving reality
Today's reality is not less meaningless, it's already meaningless
This meaninglessness eats everyday, this meaninglessness hurts everyday
Hard to ignore, still learning to ignore.

Deceivers always passes fake reality, not their reality
Masses accept this reality, not their reality
This chain of deceive continues, this drama continues
Never stops, never tires.

No one hears at first, no one believes at first
Afterwards they run behind the truth, unreachable truth
These humans are deceived by the stage, dramatic stage
Overreacting talk, stage is always ready for false talk.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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