Upon the Death of a Dear Friend

9개월 전

"Creative experience foreshadows a new Heaven and a new Earth."
- Nikolai Berdyaev

I've lost a dear friend.

Why must death be a one-way street?


New Heavens   ~   Source

~Celebrating Your Departure~

by Duncan Cary Palmer

Beloved friend, you've gone away
Before the music ended.
If I could summon yesterday,
I'd ring you up, just to say 'Hej!',
Assorted words appended.

Pages of the calendar
Consume life in a dizzy blur.
It's simply wrong
That you're no longer here.

Was it a final marathon,
No, not a half, a whole?
A splendid dream too grand to end,
That drew you to your goal?

I'll miss our conversations
'Neath the starry sea above,
Discussing mysteries of life
And finer points of love.

But I've one last request of you,
As I've been left behind:
Please—save a thousand years! Nay, two!
Days set aside for me and you.
Mayhap some friends will join our crew?


For it has often crossed my mind,
While struggling below,
That Heaven's shore is just the place
Adventure for to find.

Let's quest a quest across a sky
We've only gazed upon.
But this time, let us tread the face
Of spheres that whirl
through outer space;
A marathon, a worthy race,
An exploit worth a try.

For Heavens new, and new Earths too,
Wrapped in eternity,
Provide a slate so vast, so blank,
For which we have but One to thank,
A future, on which we can bank...

Beloved friend,
I'm missing you.



On a Whirling Sphere...   ~   Source

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