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Follow-up to
Sky-sculptor's show

original poetry
by @d-pend
    by BrightStar2



This poem was dictated at the same time as "Sky-sculptor's show" and transcribed. I called it outtakes because gazing at clouds near sunset provides basically limitless fodder for the imagination—though there is a sort of sinking feeling when one tries to verbalize these uncapturable majesties. When I felt the main poem was complete I continued to jot down (orally) these impressions to pay homage to the glory of the sky and it became something of its own piece. Let me know your impressions in a comment and thanks for reading my work!



Feathered cirrus
arrows of retribution.

The mixture of an ant,
a canine, and a snail.

a perfect circle
with angel wings.

Protuberous fungi
growing above trees.

A vast coiled aqueduct
topped with a cloud luminary.

Unspeakable monuments and clefts.

Vast profanities obstructing the daytime.

Time recycled in a bin of wisps.

Curtained threats of storm or dreariness,
passive-aggressive with the muted expanse
of hour-after-hour.

Tremulous vectors of discomfiting reflections
behind wheels to steal metal barges.
Brain-factories of pink anxiety.

Escher is born to my upper left;
behind me Dalí plants a cauliflower palace.

To my right, an unnamed bodhisattva
roars with unrequited haiku.

In front of me, inexplicable Octavio
boards a ship of shadow
and wags a gnarled finger at me
while his furrowed brow jubilates.

Ribbed conches of opaque glass,
soft eels blinding in their evanescence.

All the appendages of a shark with no body,
still loyal to their imagined master.

The sea-foam from a dolphin's dive,
yearning for the moment to be resuscitated.

let the sky fall.jpg

Original Poetry
by @d-pend
Oct. 13, 2018
   by BrightStar2

    I. — "Cloud Atlas"
    II. — "To Be Somebody"
    III. — "Let The Sky Fall"
    IV. — "Time"


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Beautiful bits here, Daniel, cloud-like in their fragmentary wholeness, infinite suggestiveness and shape-shifting possibilities...

Here's my feeble attempt to capture the uncapturable:


to find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.

-Tao te Ching

Between being and non-being
barely there
these sails of water, ice, air -

Indifferent drifters, wandering
high on freedom
of the homeless

Restlessly swithering
like ghosts, slithering through substance
in puffs and wisps

Lending an enchanting or ominous air
luminous or casting shadows,
ambivalent filters of reality

Bequeathing wreaths, or
modesty veils to great natural beauties
like mountain peaks

Sometimes simply hanging there
airborne abstract art
in open air

Suspended animation
continually contorting:
great sky whales, now, horse drawn carriages

unpinpointable thought forms,
punctuating the endless sentence of the sky.

The variety of sensations gives the reader a memory like a movie for example, the verse:

The mixture of an ant,
a canine, and a snail.

I imagine driving home anxious to get there fast and the time clock that does not want to move.

In front of me, inexplicable Octavio
boards a ship of shadow
and wags a gnarled finger at me
while his furrowed brow jubilates.

An abstract thought moves old emotions that try to navigate in calm waters. But as it says in a previous verse storm clouds or sadness are formed.

I hope the sun comes out on the blue horizon with the light of the new dawn for a teacher we all miss. Greetings @d-pend

In front of me, inexplicable Octavio
boards a ship of shadow
and wags a gnarled finger at me
while his furrowed brow jubilates.

I seem to have been following gracefully on the aesthetics of the firmament from your verses meanwhile which took a different verse pattern, until I stumbled upon the verse above, it seems to be bit ambiguous and I easy lost in it's meaning really, it's totally awesome, care to elaborate the verse?


I thought of a few artists emerging from "the four directions:" M.C. Escher to the left, Salvador Dalí behind me. Some nameless bodhisattva from the forest on my right, and "inexplicable" Octavio Paz directly in front.

It's the sort of absurd idea that I'm not sure even fits in this poem, and I think was somewhat poorly executed. In fact, this poem is more a random collection of sense impressions and brainstorming than a finished piece. That's why I didn't include it in the I.I. series proper or into "Sky-sculptor's show." Though, some of these images could probably be used in that piece to good effect.

The potential manifestations, as always, are endless! Thanks for the comment @josediccus :-)

Oh, my God! So much beauty together must be sin. A wonderful magazine to the majesty of Mother Nature's work, captured in a sunset that reveals ancestral secrets. Mirrors of the sky were captured in the images.
Splendid work, @d-pend. A gem of your treasure. Thank you for the delight.


Alright. Heading to bed, I'll stop by tomorrow with my thoughts.

You can see more in those clouds than the average eye. Thanks again for sharing this candy in the sky or sea?

Dear @d-pend sir!
A masterpiece and poet are the ones who find the subject matter for every imaginative brain in every object of nature.
You are also one of the best contemporary poets who created Cloud-Outtakes Poem after watching the clouds during sunset.Poems are the expression of the imaginary mind, which automatically erupts.
Regards sir..


Painting the face of the sky,
with your mind's eye.

It's good to see your work again. I've been away for the past two months with school. The pictures are just beautiful, literally and figuratively.

I'll have to stop in more as I have time, to this bountiful Bodega on Steemit Street.

Great poem and pictures to match. Since our skies are devoid of clouds most of the summer in my part of California, I love this time of year when the clouds come back.

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3


I am a professional photographer
I really like your photos very much
Your hair is gorgeous
Well done, my dear friend

nice post, and thx for your vote on my photo from my kids..

the last one looks so awesome! :D

Nice poetry and nice shots you've chosen too.

This photography is very breathtaking with the birds flying in the sky and your poetry is very awesome.

This is a great nature poem!
To be sincere, this poem is not a simple one for me — your poetic diction is not too simple.
Would loved to know the indepth meaning of this particular poem — in summary please, @d-pend

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resuscitate me., i need lightning strike.

Awesom post with spectacular pictures ;)

Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

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checking you out on steemit. Had no idea you were here as well as WEKU lol! great poetry.

These beautiful photographs captivated me, you have captured the beautiful spectacle of nature, @d-pend. The equally beautiful poem, a jewel to accompany the images.

Hello D-pend,
FANTASTIC words and images - beautiful and mind expanding!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Really dug the way yr poem worx w/the photos.


I loved it. Brilliant imagery. I could imagine exactly what you were describing. The surrealist painters was a nice touch.

I've always found "ambiguous figures" (figure-ground reversals) fascinating (I spent a lot of time studying the neurological effects of the phenomenon), and hence, Escher and Octavio Ocampo are particular favorites.

I went outside and looked at the cloud-speckled sky. I saw a Swirling Dervish, a Number 7 and an Imperial Star Destroyer ... all in about 20 seconds.

I've said for years that Nature is the most skilled artist in existence, with an ability to create awe that we humans can but weakly emulate.

Very well written, mate. It says something about you that you thought of this ... and about me, that I didn't.


Greetings, @d-pend.
It's been a hectic week. Lots of piled assignments and last-minute crap that ends up messing up with everything else. I even missed Sky Sculptor.
That poem, along with this one makes a really impressive homage to one of the daily beauties that we take for granted.
Of course, clouds can be scary and we tend to look at them hessitantly when they outshine the sun and yell at us.
Your catalogue of allusions and art forms, as inspired by simple clouds contemplations makes our "what-do-you-see?" games look like "vast profanities."
The pictures selected absolutely magnify the narrative. We can see how any artist can find inspiration in the mere contemplation of natural models, which strip themselves before us on a daily basis, but which most of us perceive as "disconfitures"(?).
I did not know Escher or Ocampo (I though of Paz, the only famous Octavio I know). I had seen some of their paintings (drawing hands, The General's family), but never bother to find out who was behind them.
The way you put it, it is easier to see how they could have come up with such outrageous compositions.
How original are artists, really? As @quillfire points out, we can barely imitate what nature gives us with such magesty.
Free art to go, dying to be resuscitated in music, paiting, sculpting or poetry.