original poem
and photos

by @d-pend



Now I'm awake—I found a world
so sweet, uncouth, and wild unfurled
for its fair tendrils but to wind
in tighter spirals unresigned.

Thou unfatiguèd dying light
spring forth and slumber, e'er bright
on figures play to shade fell glow,
bewitching ray-sent blaze of snow.

Now do I pass—now double back,
thy stripèd road, thy faultless lack,
o'er tombs in hillocks, cradled glades
through precipice of valley'd blades
my flesh to find with fresh delight:
keen dagger'd fate, bloodthirsty might.
A turn of fortune's crossèd trails
yet wounded: weary hope prevails.

But to what end? Is this same joy
the song of bird and birth of ploy?
The madness and the calm of heart,
the stupor'd love and bright-eye smart
which cannot help but follow lies
unveiled to solemn sage's eyes
beneath the wailing willow's arms
where lovers whisper ageless charms.

Whose lips but wither, words but swell
and echo past the mournful knell
a-plant in beds of luscious turf:
red-bloomèd ink 'gainst lapis surf.

Glad interlocked in swirl of tints:
alive, aloof through fitful glints.
Say not forever—weighty tome!
But let me thus eternal roam.

Now I'm asleep—I am the world
so sweet, uncouth and wild unfurled
for my fair tendrils but to wind
in tighter spirals unresigned.

IMG_0192 2.jpeg

IMG_0186 2.jpegIMG_0186 4.jpeg

.Writing & Images.
...By @d-pend...
.May 2nd, 2019.

IMG_0186 5.jpegIMG_0186 3.jpeg


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Good to have you back, @d-pend.
A reinvigorated, greener, resilient voice.
Spring begotten poesy.

  ·  작년

Hi @hlezama, hope May finds you well!
I am happy to be back and have been missing the enriching conversation with you all.
Spring is infectious—especially when we have the priceless fortune to take slow moments to appreciate it properly.

All the best,

There is so much green in his poetic approach that fills me with joy for his clarity and desire to give life to what is not so alive, but it contains pieces of life hidden in the shadows, still lost by the little light available, but that it do not stop searching, feeling, expressing everything that goes through the mind in moments of doubt, trying to yield to the evidences that result from the imagination more than from the certainties, from the mental trips more than from the emotional ones.
I am happy with your return and the tone of your writing, Daniel. I am honored to be able to enjoy his serene and kind voice that contains love and acceptance, recognition and reprimand, at the same time.

My my! The third stanzas carries the poem's focal message in reality I mean I love the fact that it's detailing, revealing and express that world the you're trying to paint. Amazing poem from all standard buddy.

  ·  작년

Hey there @josediccus! I appreciate your readership: as always. How've you been these days?


unveiled to solemn sage's eyes
beneath the wailing willow's arms
where lovers whisper ageless charms

So nice to see you posting and with such a work of art and craft. A splendid piece:)

  ·  작년

Well howdy Pryde! Happy to see some familiar faces still active on the blockchain. I plan to write and post more frequently again, after some much needed time away. Of course, I am thrilled that you enjoyed the piece. Take care!



Yes, I went a way for a little bit too, to work on a novel, but it is good to be back on here:)


Beautiful poem, Dan.

But to what end? Is this same joy
the song of bird and birth of ploy?

Nice. And the posing of a question ... always potent. It causes reader engagement.

I don't use rhyming couplets very often ... but I ought to. This poem has very nice flow.

Gorgeously lush photos. BTW, I noticed that last photo was of a prominent "tree crotch." https://steemit.com/dtube/@quillfire/duvg5zyg

Of course, I ended up having to apologize: https://steemit.com/sasquatchestoo/@quillfire/quillpologies-i-am-so-sorry

Good to see you again, mate.


  ·  작년

Hey Quill!

Posing questions is indeed potent—it echoes the child's incessant needling of one's parents for a real understanding of the way things work—with all the innocence, awe, and perhaps disappointment of finding that they do not know, for all their elegant blustering.

As to rhyming couplets, I confess I never considered using them until I encountered the brilliant manner in which Alexander Pope employs them. They are infectious. Juvenile if done poorly, sublime if perfected, lending a sense of inevitable mathematics to what can be an otherwise arbitrary and unwieldy chimaera: human language.

Oh man. Those two posts were great. You are certainly in your native element in satire! The light touch, but oh so scathing underneath, is food for the spirit. As one who the medieval physicians would have indubitably pronounced "morbidly melancholic," I especially benefit from humor in all its forms.

Great humorists often enjoy uncanny longevity, and I can but fervently wish the same for you. Long live Quill and his "quillpologies!"


P.S. I'm also ecstatic to proudly proclaim to be your "second subscriber" on YouTube. Here's the best part: I'm a living, breathing human, and not some robot programmed to butter you up. That's a fact (but you'll have to take my word for it.)

Saludos @d-pend. Es una bella pieza plena de metáforas sublimes. Gracias por compartirla. Tiene tiempo que no publica en español, sería un honor tener esa complacencia.

  ·  작년

Hola, @antoniarhuiz. Gracias por la apreciación de mi poesía, que no he compartido demasiado últimamente, aunque tengo la intención de rectificar la situación a corto plazo.

Gracias aún más por su recordatorio de sumergirse en las profundidades del español en mi blog. Me he mudado recientemente y eso interrumpió mi estudio, pero estaba leyendo Harry Potter en español y tendré que volver a ello.

Entonces, cuando tenga el valor, ¡escribiré algo más en español aquí! Saludos.


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Happy to see this initiative still in full force. Cheers!