Time the wandering's worth

8개월 전


Time the wandering's worth

I waltz along my way:
safe to say,
my destination's known.
By somewhere, somewhen;
within the pores of atoms grown.

With patten innate?
or patter-spawned by pattern-child
of amber dawn
who paints its path with dew,
paves its palace-halls with moss
the likes of which
blooms every hue:
imagination's-worth embossed
mine livingspace—glow mansioned egg,
within loft embryo unsaid
each living gem, each humble dreg
to make the wandering worth its tread.

Same trick of time,
sane toil at berth.
unfold that selfsame
death of dearth.

Through heart relayed each pulsing sign:
Time-the-wandering's-worth's divine.


IMG_1365 3.jpg

writing and images
by @d-pend

IMG_1365 4.jpg


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This is officially the first time in this platform I enjoyed a poem.


Your gonna enjoy a lot more with Mr.@d-pend :D He's crazy good! ;)

The ever-present mind needs nothing to fully experience the magic of the mundane.

Love the poem! But the title sentence is golden, really! I’ll use that if it is allowed...

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Gold colored canopy is awesome for this poem, more abstract

Time the wandering's worth" presents us with an in vitro vision of the work of those who use apparently sterile time in the restart that is given to one's own life, from before it is considered life. The apparent wandering along well-known roads, along routes traveled since childhood, but seen with other eyes, have allowed the kaleidoscopic turn and the appreciation of intimate worlds, of forgotten or little enjoyed living spaces.
The time invested in wandering in search of beauty and wonder has yielded an unimaginable gain, an awakening to other aspects of life abandoned by other priorities. The heart has gained rhythms that it did not know and the eyes have removed blindfolds to consciously incursion into the discovery of the minimalist, of the essential, in the style of the "Little Prince": The essential is invisible to the eyes.

This is a worthwhile stroll. However, it seems you need someone to go with you on your walks. I think I remembered you guys had a dog. Do you ever take the dog out with you?

each living gem, each humble dreg
to make the wandering worth its tread.

Going back to my old neighborhood over the summer was like day-tripping. I went for a walk with my wife and ran into these guys that looked like ZZ Top. My wife was so scared of them she tried to walk on the other side of the street.

The the tall one came right up next to me and said, "Chris! I haven't seen you in ages! Remember me? We did honors English together thirty years ago?" What could I do?
I gave him a hug.

I'm pretty sure time is a big joke. A funny one at that. If it wasn't for wrinkles in gravity we would all be stuck in time tesseracts. Very few really have a clue even to ask where or when in this world we are or we were or we will be. In one way or another people enjoy staying comfortably numb.

On a side note, those trees seem to grow overnight but so many calendars have been discarded in the process.

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