A dark worlx

2년 전

See men live as sand of oceans

Living the earth, just as twill never stop

The ones that banks at streaming streams

To be and experience their being eternal

Goodness!! see him experience the world in an hotel

In it he lives chilly keen.

Cheerful joyful toasty bread

Living cheerful, off the coast;life bred.

Waiting on, more profound still,

Profound established, similar to Ruth waited still.

A patron of no bill,

Houses gigantic; hugesome hill.

"By you I live, endless is life!"

Boss in companions, not one spouse!

Life is cherished, dear to dare.

See him fill full the earth.

Bowing to switches,a witched bitch trick.

Wide and huge is earth's heart,

Rest after all is the lament melody drove

However, at that point in bunches will slimy parasites feed your being

All around prepared; A hotdog roll,

In the profound profundity gap.

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