Wonderful poem

2년 전

I have few words for rain,
Not the many I have
For pain…

But dark and solemn
As hallways in autumn,

They collect in corners
As webs

And haunt me.

So, where shall I begin?

A day silver
With maples
Iin wind,

But my mood
In time
Turns blue,

At the mere mention
Of you.

I can’t dispel
The mist

Can’t repair the rift

So I re-arrange the lines
As one might adjust the blinds

As one always does
On a dull day—

To keep the gloom at bay.

You understand, Love,
It’s not to make things right;

Only admit some light

Some cheer
For you and me,

To keep us company.

I know nothing will ever change
Regardless of what I say

But if I can cheer your heart;
I’ll gladly do my part

But I can’t look upon your pain,
Or bear you to pain

Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.
― Bob Dylan

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