The Debtors Register. : A Freewrite Poem.

5개월 전


Hammer it in, let them know
Cool and easy, not today
Making our money, no cash flow
Debtors day, today, hammer it in.
Tears flowing, victims crying, help us
Widows in tears, Children crying
Moved with compassion, we stopped
Left them that way, took the loss.
Hammer it in, let them know
Move from shop to shop, that's our motto
Six children, no food, no clothes
Began to wonder, how they got those droves.
Hammer it in, take all debtors
Here we have a church lector
Begging us with all saints in heaven
She owes us in digit of seven.
Hammer it in, they must payback
Profitable servant, at his work
Calm and easy, I fell in love
Dipped into pocket, brought the money, rough
Hammer it in, pay our debt
Let's make profit, not to liquidate
There they are chase and check
This case is getting intricate.
The prompt today was Hammer
Courtesy of @mariannewest

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That is so interesting!

You totally nailed this poem with hammer.

I know I am late but better than nothing. If you haven't checked out the next prompt, here it is ➡️ 'bark'.

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