Mystical Moments of Happiness

2년 전
  • I remember everything, passable parties and beautiful girls with a smile of magical stars. I touched the emotional destiny through tears and joy, I left flaws on the streets of attempts as I searched for my own self. I found diamonds in people with wise choices of success, love followed every step of the wonderful emotions.

  • Waves of memories surf the ocean of magical moments, each word signifying a challenge with a sweet smile. The wind showed your face on the sunny side of joy, the moon concealed the views of accidental passing while we were kissing in the palm park.

  • I dreamed of great goals with honest teams, I made a lot of things with big changes in the way of hidden obstacles. I paid the price of love adventure with mystic games of happiness, everyone comes to the essence of life in its own incredible way.

  • The warm water caresses the gentle body at the beauty springs, everything is so wonderful in your world challenges. We have discovered our weaknesses and the sensitive touch of passion, you have been divinely in every part of our relationship that represented the art of the supreme mind.

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Nice one