Queen Of Emotions

2년 전
  • Signs prepare changes at the peak of your power, you are above my thoughts while conquering my heart. Circling the wires of surprises in the direction of your emotions, you are stronger than passion in powerful dreams. Tenderness is beautiful in the hands of light, you are a fire in the eyes of enthusiasm.

  • Graduates gain new strength with the smell of your body, you are an injection for the masses that come on the waves of the sea. Dominant awards come on the lips of your wisdom, the words fly on the wings of the angel. Power is knowledge from the depth of an unknown source, you are a mystery of new challenges.

  • Success is your future with the connection of the universe, we are lovers of truth in the club of nice memories. I send you luck in the drum messages, the music plays to celebrate your name. The account is full of the history of the romantic month, look at me with the eyes of understanding.

  • You have conquered my intentions in an impossible wisdom, you have conquered my heart for a great time. The lakes are passing through the rivers in our waters of success, you are the fiery motivation of our cosmic love. Balancing touch and passion in perfect senses, you are my experience that is never forgotten.

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Beautiful poetry! What an inspiration!


People like you and beautiful life with spiritual success

Sounds like you are definitely in love. Is this a current situation or a past experience please?


Spiritual love, life love, business love, friendship love etc...Yes


Thank you and I love it.

Success is your future with the connection of the universe, we are lovers of truth in the club of nice memories.

Wow beautiful words and the message you want others to know thorough this.
When we all connect with each other, the system will grow bigger and so will we.
I am glad to be your student.

The secret word for today is @evarich

We win only Together



See you on the top

The kind of refreshment poetry gives to my soul is immeasurable especially when it opens up the kingdom of love!
This is a great piece; when I finally get a good phone I'll get the discord app and join steemit schools because I really want to improve my poetry skills.
Once again, thanks for this @dorbatim

beautiful my best friend


Thank you very much

Another great one from the love doctor

Yea this is so lovely, can see you are in love, more grace to your elbow


Life is love

Some poetry tell motivation to us. When i read this poetry, i know how give a reason to live in happy.

Someone tell about bad english when she read our post. She say anything who judge our post with tag #indonesia.

In our group discussion, im tell to my friend. She doesnt know about learning by doing. I say, she must lear from @dobartim. He know we can write in good. But, he make challenge in 100 day for gift us the way to learning by doing.

Awesome poetry and beauty in words

"Balancing touch and passion in perfect senses"
Emotion is not weakness but strength in disguise and one way or another this nice piece of poetry proves that.
Nice one you always improve daily 🎉👏

amigo esta muy linda tu poesia, espero que mires las mias y de tu voto también y crecer y apoyarnos, @manduto su amigo