Crypto Madness 🤑 And The Price Keeps Going Up And Up❗️ 💹

5년 전

In honour of the current price rising in the crypto world.

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Up, and up, and up it goes
Like a maniac it rises
Prices going through the roof
One moment a dollar, then Poof!

2 bucks, 3 bucks, 10 bucks
Market Cap keeps going up
Awareness spreads around
As Crypto's, gain some solid ground.

When will we see this increase come to stop?
When will we see it come to end?
Will we see a vast correction?
And in it, show its rejection

Or will we see it come to stagnate?
Slowly but steadily ease the storm
Calm down again
And reform.

Yes, The FOMO is real here
Afraid of this opportunity to dissappear
Missing out on this chance
This boost in finance.

But let me tell ya...
One thing is for certain
Crypto's, The Blockchain
It's here. To Remain.

An Original Poem by Droucil

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And as the climb of crypto grows steaper
The Benefits abound all become reapers
And those with for sight move closer to riches
This trains moving fast so hold on to your britches

A generation on the cusp of change
Unlocking potential expanding the range
Cryto is but a a sign of the age
The last chapters over on to the next page!!!

Great Poem 😊


Cheers :)

And as coins continue to create a different impression on us
We either benefit from this rush or just sit and watch
But let it be known that while some people are ever skeptic
Some others apply tactics and build riches from from nothing too classic
Crypto has proved to be more than epileptic cash
As we wake up every morning watching it reach ecstatic heights.

That was a nice poem.
Hope you like my contribution.

Fantastic poem! Perhaps you should give out a crypto poem book?
Looking forward to your favourite crypto- EOS poem:)!


Still need to write one about Bitshares (vs. Bitcoin perhaps), EOS surely needs a seperate one as well! :D


If BTS stays to be the thriving force it is right now, a target of $342 is very realistic. I should wait a bit longer before answering ur comments, lol. U keep changing them xD (don't worry, I know the mindset, I often re-read my stuff a dozen times before commenting/posting < tip ^^)


The perceiver in INTP:). But thanks for your answer. I guess the market should decide. If the Steem holders believe haejin's calls are worth 6% of the reward pool, I have not problem with that. I do not know if flagging contributes with any value to the platform to be honest.


One of my main concerns towards Steemit has always been the wealth distribution. The influence is greatly noticeable with a lot of the same people continually being in the top trending list. In the case of haejin one single guy (or at least account) decided this reward pool to be worth it (for whatever reason that may be). It was actually a bigger part of the community that was against it. It's why I have such big hopes for SMTs, as this might bring forth communities based on different voting algorithms (in a more democratic/based on quality kind of way).

"Yes, The FOMO is real here" It so is!

Really nice poem, what about writing a poem about steem? :)


I have written some poems about Steemit in the past, but yeah, might make another one sooner or later ;)


sooner will be good :)

Seems like a nice New Year's letter for my grandmother. Whether she will understand? :) :)


Ik heb zo m'n twijfels ;)


O leuk. Nederlands :)

great post thanks for sharing

It also goes down, down, down and down. Just like today, Bitcoin was going down, down, down and down while Bitcoin cash was going up, up, up and up.

I never see before a notice of crypto in poetry! Jaja so great. u make me the day. Thx for this. Un abrazo amigo.

Nice poems for ever increasing Cryptos.

Hey man, don't stop that music, don't touch that dial !!

STEEM - $3.25

Crypto poetry is going to be the next big thing, I can feel it


This is dope......what a perfect rhyming scheme you got

Gravity will work my dear


And do what exactly ;)?


Why do you believe so

hahahah this is nice brother!! such a cryptoartist you are! upvoted and resteemed!

ha very original topic!)
poems about cryptoworld are something special)

Honestly. I am losing sleep because of this crypto madness.

My God.. This as amazing. I'm a poetry enthusiast too who just joined steemit and I've been fascinated this far! This is really good. I hope you won't mind if I reblog it @droucil


Ty. And no, of course I don't mind if you do.

  ·  5년 전

Indeed, life is dynamic. whoever thought crypto would become this strong a power house even to inspire a brilliant mind to pen down a poem.@droucil This a well articulated poem.

Yea Man this is nice

Really? It is obviously an economic bubble.


Blockchain technology is all but a bubble

thank you for you information @droucil

wow this is very creative of you @droucil to put up something nice with the ups and downs in the crypto world
i it

good job you did

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muy buenos jeje

great post

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