Ghosts of Damnation 😱

5년 전

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When ghosts appear at night
Silent whispers roam the place
Anguishing, hellish screams
Of vicious beings

Sore of their existence
In desperate search...
For forgiveness
Haunted, by their own pasts

Fallen into misery
The pain, The agony
Be felt from miles away
Quivering, the bravest of hearts.

"Through the valley of dead
In damnation thou shalt walk
In purgatory remain.

"Until the day hast come
Where thou hast forgiven thyself
And cleansing wilt be done."

An Original Poem by Droucil

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Beautiful poem buddy. Loved it. Regards Nainaz. #thealliance

I felt a pain in my chest while reading it. It was very exciting! Nice! My vote is yours my friend.

Greetings ;)

Another very nice one. Just realized that I was not yet following you, and so gave you a follow.


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Infact this poem very educative.

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"Cleansing". If Trump's not careful with the NK we could see another bad war. Maybe it's time to liberate the NKs.