▶️ Life Is Like A Playground 🕹️

5년 전

Life is like a playground
A theater of kinds
One that is enacted
By pulling on the blinds

A place and a means
To educate the soul
To learn from itself
And play a certain role

Its esoteric meanings
Often unknown
To only afterwards... evaluate
What was learned by its own.

An Original Poem by Droucil

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And most often than not you get answers to man's ultimate question in the afterlife.

Indeed @droucil! We should treat everyone as our friend and playmate. The success in life does not depend on the game but rather on the players that are in the game! This should be one of the reasons why we play life!

Life is definitely a playground with infinite elements to play with, so many that one life isn't just enough to play with all! Cheers bro!

damn well said
good post

We both love poems. Nice piece of art should be upvoted :)

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I Hope you'll like it too.

that's true

Hun life is like a playground, a theater of kinds.. Excellent @droucil.. You have done a good job.. Keep it up buddy

Excellent post, thanks for sharing

Hey! Thank you. I love it! You seem interesting, you got my follow. Please consider following me for art, poetry and other awesomeness!

very good, thanks for sharing

Quiet Literally ;)

Wow. Truly spectacular. MUCH is being said here with very little words. I'm a huge fan. Thank you for sharing @droucil!

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Yes you are so right thx will follow you

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