The Real Battle



Wonder what he'll say
Were I to summon up courage
Best to keep things at bay
Before walking into a barrage

I probably could change the World
If I ever got outta my head
Then again I must be nuts
To want things differently down here

Cause change requires action
That quickly spins outta control
Hope and imagination
Is all I got for now

I first have to win the small battle
One pitted against my inner self
Then I can take the mantle
Of bettering the World for everyone else

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I'm not into poetry but this really touched me. Especially this verse:

I probably could change the World
If I ever got outta my head

I was thinking just a few minutes before reading it that all of my boundaries I have set myself and most of my weakness is just in my head. Great work!


That's a lot for the feedback dear. It's basically just spurred by thoughts of the moment

As within, so without. It's the same battle..

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Sometimes I have the feeling, at least in my case, that the battle within is stronger than the one without.


Indeed, but consider the idea that what we experience without is just a reflection of what we are experiencing within.

When I first was introduced to the idea, I dismissed it outright as being too metaphysical. I have a hard time accepting it in a literal sense.

But in a practical sense, it works for me. In order to experience a more peaceful world, I must first become more peaceful on the inside. 🙏


Me too! Meaning I first dismissed this adage, but have found it to be true.


Theoretically I have absorbed this idea years ago. I have read tens of books related to, spiritual ones to be exact. I've studied and practiced yoga for five years, but somehow I have a short memory with it. I simply can't make it a permanent practice... for now. Coming across such poetry, articles or videos on the topic I then remind and say to myself oh I forgot about that. But I can't say I haven't seen any result of it because once in a while I tune into such way of life. It's not permanent though and I often sabotage myself.


Agreed...and they're both really difficult tbh

What a nice poem and reflection of the difficulty of being, both for ourselves and for others. Perhaps, in the imagining there is the change for good for ALL?

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Howdy empress-eremmy! uh...I got so involved in reading all the comments that I forgot what I was going to say! lol. But my comment wasn't as good as the ones above. I will say to keep the hope, you still got hope and that's great, without it all is lost!

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