Beautiful poem

4년 전

I have written all this time
But still no one understand
Nobody can keep a secret
So I keep on sealing my lips
I have tried to talk to someone
So maybe I can share my mind
But I have found no one
My problem hasn't gone
I guess I have missed something
But I don't know what it is
Maybe my heart is missing you
But I don't know who are you
Where can I found you ?
I'm late to realize
Pretending is bad enough
Pretend if I was fine
Myself is my bestfriend
I don't know how long I can survive
There is a wound I can't denied
Do I really need a help ?
I guess I am
I have to cure myself again
Maybe one day the miracle will happen on my hands
My wish is to be happy here and there where is no end
With a best friend

I hope you guys like it.

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