Morning Poetry ^-^

4년 전

I’m a minimalist with the makeup
Make sure I get through everyday with my chin up
I got no beef, but I’ll beef up,
Chomping through you while you act up
Don’t be so sure you’d get that flare up
I got a whole follow up
Got my optics - up
I’d stare you down till you feel like power puff girls, Buttercup
I can switch up
My flow because I never gave up
Rain (reign) down on you twice
Never gave into the vice
I’m a magician
My lyrical prowess scares you like a poltergeist
I sacrificed
Like the last supper
Get you crucified like Jesus Christ
Your vocal cords sliced
Bitch can’t speak a word
Picked up the fight
Still here, still there and I’ve never got iced
Tho I got that ice
On my wrist
So better be nice
Can’t you see you don’t win twice

I hope you guys like it.

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