Every Day Is Saturday - A Poem Unemployed During The Virus - Enjoy with Troy!




This fun little poem is a reaction to the stay at home order and being unemployed during the virus plandemic.

Every Day Is Saturday

Every day is Saturday
When you cannot go to work
Social distancing is here
And this virus is a jerk.
Retired on a weekend
Our vacation seems to be
Messages to stay at home
Where once we were so free.

Every day is Saturday
Plandemic in your face
Programmed to manipulate
The sheepled human race.
Now we have the weekend
Each day of the week
Jailed within our box-like house
From Windows we may peek.

Every day is Saturday
When your unemployed
A victim from this virus theft
That's left a cratered void
Oh, will we ever see
The life that we once knew
Every day is Saturday
Oh, Monday where are you?

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