Inner Peace



They say you never have a fulfilled life until you have a great amount of inner peace

I have existed, I have lived, and I have impacted.

I no longer care much about what the world says about me

I am my world, and very soon they would get jealous of what I've become

Gone are the days when I used to give too much regard to those who didn't deserve it

Gone are the days when all I knew was blind loyalty

Gone are the days when I was beaten and tossed about

Gone are the days when PEACE was far far fetched

Sometimes, conditions around me hit me so hard that I wish I was never formed

They say the government is there to help, but I say they're only there to help their own.

All I see is selfish leaders, promising the impossible.. How painful it is that some followers allowed themselves to be fooled by these greedy leaders

As for me, I resolved never to engage in the deciet of this world and its rulers

I rather let Peace rule over me than have a belly full of worries.

Why not take that turn in your life? Find Peace and you will find life!

Thank you for Reading
I remain @essiential

(Portrait Credit: @soufiani)

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