Mizu no Oto ed. 25 - My Entry

9개월 전


Photo by @calluna

Rain's over -
musk and silence's scent

世の中や蝶の暮らしも忙しき - 小林一茶

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You know I'm always thinking you mastered the haiku in a very short time... must be all these judo and karate hits on your head, that impressed the Japanese aesthetics in your brain!

This haiku gives me a feeling of trueness, the scent of earth and musk after the rain is very vivid in my mind, it's like every memory of my wood walks suddenly awake.


I can't tell you the satisfaction when reading your comment. I stayed staring at this photo for 30 minutes, trying to let my mind wander in the sensations of that forest, then I wrote it quite fast in a breath. Ichi byoshi: a principle of karate.. You're right, the bushido helps with this poetry 😉

Words with depth beyond their lettering

silent's scent

this phrase, the heaviness in the air it conveys, the closeness of a pine forest, taking me right back there!


Thank you @calluna! I tried to immerse myself in the picture, I observed It for such a long time before writing 😊


It was such a beautiful forest, I wish i could have just gone and sat there to write a while

but don't immerse yourself too far into it... fairly certain I spotted big foot out there!!!


WTF! You know what..when I was staring at your picture it gave me the idea of something watching from the trees, of a presence.. I thought about a child over there, at the end of the path between the trees.

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Impeccable and clear!


I make treasure of our talks!

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