Smile! (Dichotomy of perspective)

3년 전

Smile! (Life Sucks)

How ya doing?
Can't you see my smile?
Haven't seen you in a while
How's life been treating you?
Can't you see my smile?

Automated responses
Dominating idle chit-chat
Hiding reality's truth
Life sucks horribly
And every minute of it hurts like pulling a tooth

Why can't I speak those words
Utter a plea
Call out for help
To temper the impending insanity
Perhaps because no one cares
About plain middle-aged white guys like me

We're not supposed to have problems
We are the problem
We're told
But I don't feel like a trouble maker
An agitator
An aggressor or a hater

I'm just that same starry eyed dreamer
That I've always been
Since I was sixteen
When the world was mine to explore
Too bad it balked at my kindness
My aspirations and love and devotion mean nothing
Shut up and check your fucking male privilege at the door

I'd rather be a whore
A least she's respected for an hour or more

Free In Thought

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