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As seconds turn to minutes,
Expectant fathers await the cries of their babes.
As the time for the harvest arrives,
Farmers rush to their farms
To harvest their crops.
There is production everywhere.
How comely are there feet of men here and there!
From place to place,
They seek the fruit of their labour in every case.
Farmers and fathers,
Young men and women alike,
Seek fulfillment.
For in place of fulfillment,
There lies the state of fruitlessness.
A struggle to be fulfilled must take its course,
So, labour must open all its doors
And welcome the light of success,
At whose end, lies fulfillment and progress.


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Woww... Am filled with such a wonderful organized update of life fulfillment you just highlighted...
Thanks so such an awesome one .... Always there is a time of harvest and planting ... Everything counts when man labour to survive... It's all fine cause that's how it is meant to be..
Labour most surely open doors for us ... It's only a matter of time... Everything will perfectly rhyme.. Thanks for such a nice one ... Upvoted and followed
You can dig me out @juliangold for my big time history update.. nice one bro...


Thank you very much. I have followed you as well. Nice comment @juliangold

Nice one bru


Thankz man