Final Will and Testament

3년 전

Moses Breaks the Tables of Law - Gustave Dore.jpg

God spoke the world into being,
and His first disciple, Adam,
spoke all the things into having names,
into being known.

When the Tower of Babel fell,
that was an act of creation,
not of destruction,
to rival the creation of the World.

When the Tower collapsed,
it was an explosion of language,
an explosion of words,
seeking to fill the world with rhyme,
with sound,
with life.

Words were the tools of the Prophets;
words did He give them in His Testaments.
His Will they have carried,
cast out, on a holy mission,
seeking to fill the world with words.

I shuffle through the desolation,
my stomach distended.
I am full of dead words beyond counting,
and I can take in nothing new,
nothing living.

If you consider this Poet
to have touched the Divine,
to have been a transmitter of the sacred writ,
of all things,
then he asks that you listen.

This is my Last Testament,
the only thing I have left to give.
I pass on what I've always had,
while living.
I give what I wish for another to have
because I never paid it proper respect.

I bequeath
all that I am full of,
after I cast away
these dumb truths
and mute lies.
I hand over the cause
that precedes creation and the first man.

I give to you
the only thing worth keeping.
I give to you
the one thing I have never run out of,
slightly dinged, but rarely used.

I give this, as my last words,
my final Will and the Last Testament:

I actually wrote this piece on May 1st. The Larvae of Love, A Handful of Haiku to Greet the Day, and When Love Dies have all been written after, but were published prior. Sometimes you need to let a piece rest for a while, and this was such a piece.

I hadn't posted in a while, as I've been rather ill for nearly a full month. This is also why I hadn't been replying to comments on my last post. I hope to get to them this weekend. I found this post especially fitting, both to illness, and to the silence I found myself full of, and also, of words that I could not let out.

Thanks to @whoshim, @jrhughes, @mamadini, @carolkean, and @sunravelme for feedback on this piece. If I forgot anyone, since it's been a long while with illness in between, I apologize.

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art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

The image used is Moses Breaks the Tables of Law, by Gustave Dore, 1866, and is public domain. I was sure I used it before, but seems I hadn't.

© Guy Shalev 2018.

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Ohhh Guy!! I hope you're feeling better now. The title is dark, but the middle is so lively, brilliant, and full-speed-ahead; then the momentum crashes, and the closing lines are chilling or alarming, depending on how you define silence. We want you with us, Guy. No silence! No no no! Maybe you need a wider audience to appreciate your wit and word play, and Steemit just can't supply it. Please be well, please oh please be well

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Sorry to hear of your illness. I hope you are recovering. This piece is impactful to say the least. I can feel a dark emotion eminating from it–a sort of despair–but also a irrefutable dignity. I love the confidence you bring to the world whether it be through your pen or spoken word. You have had an impact on my life this year. I've been forced to look at my writing and accept some weaknesses. They've lead me to challenge myself to improve. I'm thankful to have a truthful perspective that does not succumb to deceit. It's refreshing. Thank you. This poem talks of last testaments. I'm thankful that it is not a true last testament and that we all will be gifted with your talents in our lives. 😎

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quite interesting art - of a religious nature. thanks for posting.

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