Freedom - A Short Poem / Excerpt

4년 전


I am free!

Free, to travel the world on the wings of your inspiration.
Free to be, free to feel.

Free to leave,
and free to make the choice to return, always.

Several months ago I published The Ring, my longest poem to date. Unsurprisingly, it went through quite a lot of editing. The above poem was originally part of that poem, but @authorofthings gave me the correct piece of advice, that it didn't seem to fit there.

I've saved it, because I felt it more than stands on its own. I spoke before of the urge, that I too suffer from, to keep adding words, when they are not really needed. This poem is short. But it is complete.

Also, The Ring definitely had me drawing inspiration from Rumi's work, and I feel it is most felt in this poem.

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The image used for the video has been made by @d-pend for the challenge and is used with permission.

© Guy Shalev 2018.

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I would agee that this poem is complete, and beautiful in it's simplicity. Lovely work, as always. I think this truth is my hardest won and most deeply coveted of all.


Thank you for the kind words, Janelle, and I am still trying to master the art of simplicity in my poems, I must admit. The urge for verbosity is always there, for extended metaphors.
But every so often, it's nice to break character. To mix things up.

As to the truth, I'd like to hear you say what you think this truth is, the one you've struggled to obtain. Because I can see a handful of different truths you may refer to, and am curious.


Here are the truths I identify with (most) of the poem.

Free to be, free to feel.

Free to leave

I spent a lifetime denying my feelings and giving myself freedom to leave became my greatest achievement.

Though brief, the poem is pregnant with import.


That lesson is hard to come by, and sometimes for this lesson, just recognizing you hadn't mastered it can do harm too.

I too sometimes have a hard time severing strings, and then I wonder, "Is this good, or am I overstaying in this relationship (which can be work related too)?"
And you have to work for all relationships. So this self-question is one that is tough, just to ponder, at times.

And I'm glad you'd left, when it was important :)

So little yet feels so much has been spoken on the word freedom here. :)
I love this mystic Rumi. I recently bought a book written by him. I'm sure he's going to amaze me with his depth.

PS: I love your writing. :)


Rumi's a treat. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you.

Lovely! Short yet meaningful. I love it!


Thank you for the kind words :3

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