"Although" a Sound Poem by @greatdabu featuring poetry by @prufarchy

5년 전

I met you in the fire,

we were aflame you and I.

You commented on the weather,

heat with a chance of melting.

You played coy in the flames,

you with red hair and me with

no hot thing to say except

how about this warmth.

I thought that fire

was meant to burn,

An urge for destruction,

a most creative passion.

I guess I lost my nerve

somewhere between the popping

crackling hiss of your eyes,

always a sucker for flames.

Although we met inside inferno,

connection made in burning away,

I feel you like a cool hand

on a cool neck on a cool day.

Although we melt, we are built again.


I was perusing poetry on Steemit and discovered this one by @prufarchy.  

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Interesting concept! I love it @greatdabu! Looks like me and @ prufarchy might share a similar free-flow poetic style! :D XOXOX Cheers! Here's to a long, curative, relationship! :-*

Wow, it is really an honor to be able to be a part of that. You nailed it exactly how I was hearing it in my head! I hope this is just one of many collaborative efforts to come :)


Too great! I'm really happy you like it and especially glad this interpretaion rings true with your poem. You're a most excellent wordsmith! I'm definitely interested in morphing more of your writings into sound poems.

@greatdabu I am going to feature this as an example of collaborative work for the #steempoetryslam challenge :) Please let me know if you have any issues with that and I will promptly remove it. Also, please check the challenge out and enter, I'd really love to see you work with another poet and submit some entries!


That sounds great! I'll check out the #steempoetryslam challenge. Many thanks!

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