"Starchild" - - - a sound poem by @greatdabu - featuring poetry by @prufarchy & oil paintings by @mada

5년 전

What if instead
death was a start,
and life just a womb
that waits to depart?

If there at the end,
with white clouds in mind,
there is just the next place,
of countless to find.

And should you forget,
from your journey between,
that you're a star child
and this is a dream.

You, Universal,
the sentient mind.
Time, the bookkeep,
through which you unwind.

Fear, the master
that rarely you know.
Love, the chemical
that keeps you in tow.

Hate, an anchor
that drowns in the sea.
It laps at the waves
of empathy.

Believing there's nothing
to learn or teach,
confusion keeps wisdom
too far to reach.

The doubt, the half truths
and the outright lies,
beggar the light being
we have inside.

What if instead
of leaving this earth,
we travel back home
to the star of our birth?

Learn in the next life,
whatever it seems,
that we are star children,
And these are all dreams.

For this one I composed the sound bed around a poem by @prufarchy, and for the video used only @mada's oil paintings. A three way Steemit creative collaboration! Hope you enjoy it :)

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Followed/upvoted/impressed! That's really good. Read it twice. Loved it! Keep it up!


Thanks so much @queeneleanor. That poem was written by @prufarchy

Beautiful poem @greatdabu , like it. Following you in order to read more new posts from you. Lets stay in touch.


Thanks so much @charles1 ! I followed you now and I will stay in touch :)

ps .... I just upvoted your comment post hardfork, the usual .23 curation reward turned into over $5. Have a deluxe coffee on me :)


Wow you are a great guy with a big heart. Glad that you are following me which will add value to me as a new member (1 and half week old here). Thanks for checking out my comments and posts too and upvoting) . Will certainly keep in touch . Due to the post hardfork, I am moe fired up and ready to go!!!!

All things are dreams, lovely collaboration @greatdabu🌀 There are stars inside our bodies and outside in the sky, there is no in or out from what I saw..I know the way it's through the golden spiral I saw it in a vision. Beings full of stars traveling down the golden spiral. I sat on the cusp and watched them go, wishing I could fly with them. But It is not my time yet so I stay here for a little longer and help my family.


You are also a POET !! How very Great!!. I would love to collaborate on this .... If you want .... you could send me a recording of you speaking these words, I would gladly write a music bed and mix up a sound-poem, and use your paintings for the visual. It would be an even split on any rewards. Your poetry and visual content, my music and vid production


Okay, I've been trying to paint this for years, maybe this time I can catch the vision. I had it will at a vipassana retreat long ago,nback in 1998, the image is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. I work on the flow of my words a bit as well. Thank you so much, we are all children of the stars🌀


HA ! You HaVE to do it now :) Manifestation! Your inner self is urging you :) It must have been a strong vision. I'd be honored to collaborate on this with you.


I think I might have developed my skill set enough to try again. I will start work this July. Thank you again for helping me, I really appreciate your positive energy here on Steemit.

I love this so much !!


Much appreciated @sacka - I'm very impressed with your photos, artworks and writings as well. you're a Great Creative Spirit


"Great Creative Spirit" takes one to know one!! Thank you, @greatdabu! xoxo

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Absolutely! I hope we see much more of this on steemit.



This is exciting stuff!

This was a great visual and auditory experience. @mada your work continues to be inspiring, and @greatdabu you have no idea how much I missed collaboration, thank you for sharing the creative love, it's again an awesome experience


I had a blast doing it! I vibed into your poem right away. It has great rhythm with deep meaning. I usually use computer voices but for this one I used my own voice to get the right cadence.
I know what you mean about missing collaboration. Like you, I was usually the main lyricist in the bands I was in.

  ·  5년 전

Love what you did here. @prufarchy's poem is a great read on its own ... but your sound-poem is a whole and immersive experience.


Mucho Thanks! Your paintings give it a magical feeling. I'm glad you approve :-)

Love the poem, sorry couldn't listen to the voice for more than 10secs but still voted up.

Interesting, thank you so much for the poem. Loved it!


Thank you so much @inviter ! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)