I can do it! (Poetry + Photography)

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I can do it!

I can do it! ⁣
I can do it!⁣
I can do it!⁣
“But can you really?”⁣

There is always a party in my head, ⁣
The pity kind⁣
And even when everyone leaves⁣
Doubt is left behind⁣

We’ve been good friends,⁣
Doubt and I,
He has helped me not make a fool of myself⁣
Kept me shy⁣

Like that one time when ⁣
I wanted to play⁣
And he said, “What if you get laughed at by the whole of Bombay?”⁣

I can do it! ⁣
I can do it!⁣
I can do it!⁣
“But can you really?”⁣

Doubt has a little pet⁣
His name is Fear⁣
He scares the shit out of me⁣
I swear ⁣

He follows doubt everywhere ⁣
Those deep black eyes staring ⁣
I wanna talk & reason with Doubt ⁣
But Fear keeps me from sharing⁣

Doubt tells me ⁣
I am not good enough yet⁣
I need more work⁣
I need to be the best⁣

I can do it! ⁣
I can do it!⁣
I can do it!⁣
“But can you really?”⁣

But I don’t want to be the best⁣
For me its not a test⁣
I don’t really want to impress and hangout with Success⁣

Success’s mansion is cool and all⁣
But I like my little house⁣
There I meet Happy and Joy and Peace⁣
I need their smiles & hugs, not the applause ⁣

I’ve tried to run away many times⁣
From doubt’s courtyard ⁣
But then I always bump into Failure⁣
He is like the bodyguard⁣

Failure picks me up and puts me ⁣
Right back in Doubt’s room ⁣
Where those two are always hanging around⁣
Depression and Gloom⁣

I hate them⁣
They don’t even let me getup to wash my face⁣
They read to me all my sobs stories in great detail ⁣
Remind me of my place ⁣

I can do it! ⁣
I can do it!⁣
I can do it!⁣
“But can you really?”⁣


You know what?⁣
I’ve had enough of this shit⁣
I am going to walk up to Doubt⁣
And tell him we need to split ⁣

I took one look at Courage⁣
Who had been hiding in my pocket⁣
He winked at me and said, ⁣
“Time to create a racket!”

As I walked towards Doubt⁣
Mumbling to myself ⁣
“I can do it! ⁣
I can do it!⁣
I can do it!”⁣

Doubt looked at me from across the room and said,⁣
“But can you really?”⁣

“Yes I Can”, I said⁣
And just walked away quickly⁣
“But can you really?⁣
But can you really?⁣
But can you really?”⁣

He kept shouting,⁣
And as his voice faded in the background,⁣
I winked at Courage in my pocket and whispered,⁣
“Yes I can!”

-- Hardik

Self-Portraits taken with smartphone Poco f1.
Edited in Lightroom for Mobile.

Let me know what you thought about the poem. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments :)
Also, anyone else into mobile photography? Leave a hive-five and possibly a link to some pics? :)

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