#He's not the one who he was

3년 전

####He is not the one who he was
His fake smile , don't know when it gonna last

The one who use to make anxious people laugh
Now couldn't find enough of his half

She burned his soul she burned his heart
No one can glue that body pieces apart

He knows he feels,
The pain of peel

he carved himslef to person she wanted him to be
And he ended up being under her heel

He watered the reasons of her happiness
He flowered the reasons of her laugh

He knew he wasn't the best for her
He wounded himself so worse of his leaves him apart

He hoped he might get her love
But to her the wounds were not up to the mark


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Ohhh that is a sad but well-written poem my friend. Really I like it!
The best things come from real happenings in my opinion.. I think it is about something happened to you or someone else in your circle isn't it ?

Please keep going man! You are really good and I see a lot of potential!

Tipps about markdown and others:

  1. You need to make a space between ## and the text and in the title of the post that doesn't work :)

  2. Try to et your tags more global. "fakesmile" is no one typing in to find something :D
    You can take some ideas from the official tag list of steemit!

I think there could also be a tag for poetry-contests... I didn't found an actual contest but a discord server for poetry writers and lovers: https://discordapp.com/invite/vHnhzq3
There you probably can find interesting people and stuff! Keep engaging with people my friend :)

Peace !


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