4년 전

I still stand where i was before
Where you filled me up with your love
And huged my soul
And than you left my heart wounded
Lame,was what you said
Your loved has choped me into pieces
Come back i'm here all alone
I still has hope in hope
Me, one in million you might see
As i still stand where i was before
Where you left me bleeding head to toe

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I really like this poem :)

Please provide us the source my friend. I know that this is not originally from you so show some love and respect to the original copy like you want to get respected by others quoting you :)

Seyya next time !


To be honest with u i actually wrote this you can search this on my youtube channel to which is sharing thoughts.. N actually i do write much of these but i doesn't post yhese often i still have multiple in my notepod saved.. So actually I'm the otiginal writer


Tell me is this good enough and should i post my other writings too?


Heyyy that is awsome!

Sorry for thinking it is not from you because of some google search results I got. And yes

please share more of your writing!

Eventually you could combine them with pictures or some formatting or in future also within a video you've recorded and lay under your voice reading this!

Please keep adding me as mention in your next poem so I can check it out and support ya!

Sorry again for the last comment.



@tibfox your support means a lot I'll my best to follow what you jyst said and I'll appreciate ur support

Keep supporting


You are welcome :)
Just do never stop posting to keep this as a part of your life! You have a lot of potential you should use. Share your creativity with us!