Beyond Sanity

2년 전

Darkest star-void; poetic light,
The absolute reality of this night,
To see an ideal, to believe that something is real.
But to be met only with ...

The Black Void.

It is simple to see that you cannot go back in time.
You cannot manipulate this reality in such a profoundly insane way.
But if you speed up the clock of your mind, perhaps you could slow it down.

If there was a reason to give up, I would have done it by now. But no such reason exists.
If there was a reason to die, I would have done it by now. But no such reason exists.
If there was a reason to not comprehend reality and see the truth of existence, I would have done it.

But no such reason exists.

It is too late for that. And now I know too much, and you will too, if you dare walk upon the Black Void. However, who will climb that tower? It burns. It freezes. It robs you of your hope.

Yet it cannot rob you of your honor and justifications.

Justify your existence.

Justify your existence or die right now. You are not worthy. You are meant to die, and you will die. Unless you justify your existence. Justify it to the gods; to the stars; to the vastness; to the void.

A justified existence cannot die. It cannot. But it is a thing that must be done each day. And justified again at night.

With furious passion. Passionate fury. Darkness shimmering in your eyes. Lightness revealed within those dark eyes.

To go insane; to become sane. To see a lie; to see the truth.

To love; to hate; to hate hate hate, oh how I hate this.
Thus I defy.

There is nothing here to deify. I must defy.
The gods were wrong. They died. All of them are dead.

Thus I shall be that new god. But what then, is a god, if a being as humble as myself can be a god?

Duty. Honor. Beauty. Grace. Elegance. Intelligence. Wisdom. Charisma. Creativity. Defiance. Justification. Comprehension.
Summer's end; Spring's beginning; Autumn's fire; Winter's frost.

To comprehend the music of the stars; to see what you truly are.
To comprehend the darkness between the stars: To see what you are not.

To take the pen; to take the brush; to take the chisel; to take the magma; the hydrogen; the quarks; the time; the reality.
To take hold of all that is; all that was; and all that will be, and to demand perfection.
And then to have that perfection, exactly as desired.

To calculate existence and be correct with your answer.
Arithmetic poetry; mathematical certainty.

To take the stone, and ram it against the chisel. To take the canvas and press it against the brush.
To take the book, and to impale it upon the pen.

To write upon the void: "That is."

To write upon the stars: "This is."

To write upon life: "You are."

To write upon death: "I am."

Beyond this sanity, I have sought;
Beyond this sanity, I have fought.
Beyond this reality, I have seen,
Beyond this reality, I have been.

Mountain, ocean, forest, wind in my ears...;
Fire, frost, lightning, nuclear;
Photon, atom, quark, gravity;
Time, space, vastness: reality.

Darkest night; lit only by moonlight,
A flame is lit; incredibly bright,
It is space. It is matter. It is time.

And then there was sanity.

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Glad to see you and your poems here again!

Steem doubled since your last post. 2 more doubles and I'll be happy. :D

I like this poem. I see it as an ode to rationality and science, and an inspiration to create. For some reason, it reminds me of an old song that refers to the happiness of using the intellect.

I hope you're doing well. Stay sane with arithmetic poetry and mathematical certainty. :)

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To fill the void of those dead gods is to justify our existence. Great poem.

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