The Dove That Broke Through

2년 전

Pallid gray; a foggy day,
Layered reflection; cloudy complexion.
A sudden thought to go above;
A single raindrop dared the dove.

Mediterranean blue; a cold chill summoned dew,
Another drop upon a petal; a single petite ripple.
The dove stretched its wings to fly,
But the winds chanted somberly: You will die.

A courageous heart; flying was its art,
The winds increased; the dove did not cease.
Up to the clouds the dove began to soar,
And through the atmosphere the tiny dove roared.

To the lake of clouds; to trample divine grounds,
To defy the warning; to see the new morning,
The dove broke through and saw the glorious dawn;
The dove was awed by the grand light; but was forever gone.

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“The clouds can rain but the sun can always reign from above.”


Inspiration from photo

Mmm, this got me thinking about the situations when someone tells you that you can't do something.

They say it's foolish, and that it's better to stay on ground and keep your head low.

But you still are willing to stake everything to get a glimpse of something better, something different, something that belongs to you, even if you burn yourself at the end, you will know that at least you tried. And that's worth it, like this poem.

Wow...i love this summarization, never give up until you achieve your goals

( ಥ‿ಥ)

That was really great, I usually don't connect with rhyming stuff but this spoke too me. You should read Leda and the Swan by Yeats if you haven't before I think you'll like it!

Wow. This is the first poem that "rhymed" I've read in a while that I really liked. Very "uplifting," and sweet.. I could really feel myself as the "tiny dove," trying to "break through." Thank you!