Ultimate Mountain


Scorching, freezing; such little air,
I must climb, I must make a dare,
Peak of doom, the point of ice,
The ultimate mountain and the terrible precipice.

Lightning and wind, such dreadful blights,
But I must go higher, ignoring the bite,
If I fell, it would mean my death,
So I cannot let go, despite my nervous breath.

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Oh the poetic peaks and precipices of the Bitcoin and altcoin charts! The weather is certainly changeable and no one can really forecast it. But we carry on! :)


This might surprise you, but this poem is actually about climbing a real mountain. Not investments or trading. =p It's just one of those things where a price-chart mountain is more common than a real mountain, so the symbolism usage is switched in a sense.


Put that new @actifit app on your phone next time you climb a mountain, and earn some tokens while you get inspired to write poetry. :)