I see now...(looking glass blues)


This I write,
So I can remember the words.
Letters lost to me,
Shards of meaning broken,
Strewn across the hardwood floor.
In a corner,
Behind a letterbox,*
I find a fragment
Of who I once was,
Of the me who wrote all the pretty words.
But all my words
Are ugly now.
My head bent,
Neck twisted out of shape,
In a luckless search
For who I could've been.

But there isn't that,
There's just this.
The shards,
They've rearranged themselves.
And this is not a poem,
Just a broken mirror,
In which I find myself.
I see now,
There was never any meaning.
Words - pretentious,
Lies, stories, stranger's words.
I see now,
I exist no longer,
And perhaps I need...

I never really did.

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Thank you!!

this is beautiful, the many many pieces that make us who we are, something to celebrate the light and the dark xx
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Your writings, no matter if they are prose or verse, always carry a part of your soul in their words. Keep creating good content @honeydue.


Thank you, that's such a nice compliment :) Thanks for the support also!

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Thanks, that's very nice of you!

Heavy poem, but that's why it manages to capture attention when it reflects writers authenticity. Keep creating, @honeydue :)


Thank you:)

Wow, this is a great one @honeydue!


Thank you :)