[POEM] Frustration

3년 전


I just popped in to let you know
I take note of everything you say,
You might think I forget
I remember everything do not fret

The things you say are uncalled for and troubling
Why would you even think those things,
That is reserved for teenagers and immature individuals
Do you have any idea the lack of trust it brings

But alas I get to face another day
Filled with worry and unanswered questions,
I hate the things you say or ask sometimes
I'm so sick of these unnecessary sessions

Stop this nonsense and you will see
I will not be the man I am now,
Constant fighting and arguing I'm so tired
Another session, the crowd is watching, I feel like I should take a bow

Take a leap of faith and you will see
Everything that I have told you is the truth,
But every moment your heart is filled with doubt
What do you want me to do I feel like I'm trapped in a phone booth

Around around we go
Where it stops nobody knows,
Do you not want to get off this carousel of doubt
Oh for crying out loud this doubt of yours really blows!

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Fighting? Bow? Every single person out there has it's flaws... and positive sides. Again the initial choice of path a person chooses and the reaction/perception of one's exsistances ends in defining that person. Can't find the quote I miss, since this not stopping, but it's something like individual toughts they are deducted from a general social tought in a stealthy way we cannot predict and coprehend.


I'm upvoting this comment.

Very good comment !!

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Awesome poetry.You deserve for vote.Please check my post.


Thank you so much! :-)

Excellent writing! I enjoyed this.

Did you write it yourself? Its very nice


I did write it myself.

& thank you!!