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If I could travel behind time, ahead time and within time.

Behind Time, the knowledge of the past!
I'll go to the day I was born
To experience what my brain can't ever give an account of
To see the joys of my mother holding a daughter
To see how loud I cried
I'd go back to seal my lips when I'd spoken what I shouldn't have
I'd go back to open my lips when I'd been silent when I should have spoken
I'd go back to wear a smile when I thought frowning was the best solution
I'd go back to frown at those malicious ones who never deserved my smiles
I'd go back to give to those who obviously needed than I thought
I'd go back to read harder when I'd slept
I'd go back to work harder when I'd been weak
I'd go back to finding and implementing solutions for the future that was ahead of me.

Ahead time, the beauty of the future!
Will I be wearing a smile?
Will I be sad, crying and hoping I'd done something in the past?
Will I be in wealth or average wealth or what I call poverty?
How many children will I nurture?
Will I nurture them in the proper or wrong way?
What will be the state of our government?
Will there be constant power supply by then?
Will the government then be for the people?
Who would be my friends then?
Who would be my soulmate?
Who would be my coworkers?
What field of interest will life actually make best suitable for me?
Would anyone dear to me die?
Would I be so fat or so slim?
If there's any knowledge I can take to the present!

Within time, the appreciation of the present!
I want to go to the house of those I think might be doing good.
I want to confirm if their appearance is actually how they are living
I want to get within conversations that theme up against me
I want to get into every thought of them about me
I want to get into where the liars actually are?
'I'm on my way,' I need to be sure about this!
I want to take a trip to my lovers around me.
I want to smell the breathe of those far away!
I want to converse with the spirits of the dead ones I miss
I want to take the shortest cut to the location and escape traffic
I want to help others actualize their dreams by feeding them with knowledge
I want to implement the good in the present to avoid any disaster in the future
I want to execute every plan that my legs can't speedily
I want to be the best part of me I have never been!

Itoro Archibong, Writing Junkie!! ✍✍✍

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