A Boy and The Moon

2년 전


Little Boy crawled up
to the hill
before sayin' goodnight
to his teddy bear
a certain beardman he saw
inside the moon' room
He giggled a sparklin' smile
Little Boy said
"hello moon-man"
I'm your friend that,
watches your beam glowin'
whenever you visit
my Olite' rose garden
I see many crystal pens
glittering golds and
beautiful houses filled
with adorin' angels
when ever I glare at you
from my cheeky window cotton
I felt in love with your beauties
rejoicin' that o' I've seen
banquet of exotic maidens
oops! not knowing that
you're an old moon-man
ok ! dash me some golds
that I may go
I've a small bag with me
trow me some diamonds
that mum will believe my art
if I tell her, I visited you tonight
gush ! my ted
could be so dizzy now
let me rush and sing to her
good night songs
before she snores
with a sad mood abed
O' my dear moon-man !

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