"Hard Rain"



The fields, drenched with rain.
Weeds and intentions benefit.
My heart expands exponentially.
Your love pours down on me,
but delicately, as soft as silken
threads, ones woven masterfully.
I find myself incapacitated, numb.
Life is fucking with me in jest, yes?
Surely, you are a figment of reality?
I never dare trust my imagination,
not when dreams unravel in dreams.
I could just as easily awaken to a void.
Yourself, A mere trifle, a pipe dream.
How would I possibly know the truth
from the hard impossibility of fiction?
I wish an indication, proof of life, existed.

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I have read and re-read this wonderful words of poetry, trying to decode its deep and hidden meaning. Rich poems like this always put the mind to be active. Weldone.