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Like a man,
She ought to be like a man
But it is believed that a woman can't man up like a man
Their belief believe She can't be like a man
Can can can, only if They believe She can

Unlike a man,
She's good enough to be better than a man
It's the same Human race where She can run as fast as He ran
Man is King, She's a subject and She's only subjected to a man
It's the same Human race; At times, She run even faster than He ran
Like a man,
Why can't She be like a man?
And why can't Her relevance be relevant like a man
Unlike a man,
She's a man differently different from a man
Perhaps, if We realize a woman is only a womb man

Like a man,
This man shouldn't be treated unlike a man
But Our world is blur too blind to make this woman be like a man
Only if We can see and see Her like a man...

{PCG- September -Anthology)

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