Tech is t e a r i n g us a p a r t.

3년 전

Hello! Sophistication could be a curse in a beauteous disguise
In this very age of us handling devices in their hyped prices
As those plastic steals and wired screens bewitch us
alongside the morality via the art of techno-modernity
All these curses are caused cos familiarity's imploded into anonymity
For the genesys of this technology be to keep us together or so
But nay haven't we just come together disjointedly; although
We lie so close, flesh to flesh and our hearts' beats echoing calmly beat
right into the other's with our legs crisscrossing in our façade feet
When it's all been fake for real for our relationships have grown direly dim
Oh dear, tech is the Trojan Horse presented us to thwart our rhythm!

Hallo! Toss up those devices and kick same to one side like letting love lead
Humanity once again has got to regain her affectionate feet
Lest those technology one day have breaths of their own protesting
Sending us all in spic into the hell we have cooked ourselves
Let naturalness regain its formalness yet as I spew as
humanity and machine are better living separately using machine tho'
Technology is taking over and homes are falling apart. Hello! Hello! Hello!


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Welcome back @jodekss

This is such a saddening photo. Blah.


Yes I am back fully now my dear friend. I hope I have not disappointed you way too long.


Disappointed me @jodekss? You? No way :)


Lol. Alright! Many thanks! I know you have a lot networks in your hands. But yet thanks for being there. I sent you a mail.