Long Walks in the Rain

7개월 전

I think i have known
rain too long

— apologies to e.e cummings


I know life—
Its joyful
And sad strains,

Bur to say
Something significant
I draw on my past
And pain.

It’ sa rosary of repetitions
Where I get lost
In insignificance

So I retreat
To a sunny beach

To escape the fog of me.


But truth doesn’t go away

Returns nights
When I lie awake,

A parade of images
In my brain,

Run and mar
In a falling rain.


Up among the stars
Lies a sea of tears

And after all those years

I find rain
Wipes the slate clean.

Oh, I still dream
Of that damn beach

And struggle every day...

But now I'm beginning
To cherish

Long walks in the rain.

© 2020, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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