Different Worlds

25일 전


I felt a pair of eyes
From a nearby tree

And was soon aware
They were watching me.

I walked down the path
Past the tiny creek,

And a flutter followed
Through the leaves.

When I stopped and looked back
The motion ceased.

I sat on a tree stump
And joined the silence;

Tried to become
Part of the environment.

Shyly, as if afraid to be seen,

A mourning dove lighted
In front of me.


Now, I’ve been shadowed by crows
And watched by robins,

But never had a dove
Pay me any attention.

I had nothing to offer
In terms of food,

But stayed with him
Because he approved.

We were silent together
Then, off he went.

And I’ve often wondered
About his intent,

It seems we humans
Complicate every event.


But let’s keep things simple
As we should—

He saw me out walking
In a lonely woods,

And thought he’d welcome me
To the neighborhood.

That’s close as I can come
To why he paused,

And in our different worlds
That’s probable cause.

© 2020, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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Nice rhythm, and a very enjoyable observation.

I have seen many animal "friends" in the wild. Much looking forward to the day when all fear will be removed, and when (perhaps) once again they will be able to converse with us and vice-versa... :D

Thy kingdom come!




Amen, that will be good