A god by any other name

7개월 전

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A god by any name sounds just as neat
advance to be a godman or retreat
when god is just a rumor do we heed
or do we see the god in every deed?

Alas alack I lie at heaven’s gate
bewildered and bedecked by pearls ornate
I knock and listen now at heaven’s door
is that a key a note to lift the score?

For god is within you and within me
to hear the voice of god our destiny
but will s/he understand my paltry tongue
or must my song in Sanskrit now be sung?

As to what is this god we label so
is it a concept or a soul I know?
Or is it just the other hemisphere
of our big brain that whispers in our ear?

Unconscious archetypes collectively
like ancient cavemen whisper now to me
they cast their pearls before me like a swine
yet surely I can hear one at a time

Oh Mercury my god I hear you now
bestow upon me wisdom anyhow
for you know all there is to be discerned
know everything that there is to be learned

It’s all within already by your grace
reveal to me you awe-inspiring face
I wish to know you as you really are
you are my closest wandering guiding star

Akashic astral answers to my prayer
reveal to me that you are everywhere
and simultaneously nowhere too
just send it all with love from me to you

For love and faith all fortunes do invoke
from steem to bitcoin, gold or pearls bespoke
and now my love for you grows by the day
forget me not I know you’ll find a way

to bless me both with fortune and with fame
as I propound your blessed holy name
and blessings even more of woke third eye
for if thy eye be single it won’t lie

Now there are treasures way beyond compare
to any gold or pearls within some lair
these gifts are free yet priceless, worth their wait
if I but knock and ask at heaven’s gate

Past present even future known to me
revealed by you now that my mind is free
all things are now within my tiny grasp
in my last days before my final gasp

So hear my tale good world before I go
for I will be back soon before you know
another time and form, another place
uplifting one more time the human race

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