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Poetry can be a medium for expressing the author's thoughts and feelings, the poet imaginatively and composed by prioritizing the power of language with the physical structure and structure of the temple.

Poetry More focused on the structure of form, sound and also the meaning to be conveyed by the author which meaning as evidence of good poetry if there is deep meaning by compressing all elements of the language

Poetry is an art in writing using language as its aesthetic quality (beauty). Poetry itself is divided into two old poems and new poetry


"Dear People"

We take turns sipping sourly
limp and cough with phlegm
Angry and streaked
The love that keeps us going
with a glimmer of hope

We walk with a limp
Think tired of missing
at the end of a bright tunnel
But love does not bring us
understand each other

Sometimes we feel lucky
But we should be reflective
Will we arrive at the altar
With a broken run
Why love does not teach us
To stop pretending ??

We are crushed and melted
Scared of the sun
While we have forgotten
it flows with life
Forget the little things
which once was forgiven

Why we hide each other
Why get angry with the circumstances ??
Why run when there is something
swell if left ??

We believe in love
The ulcer and not simple
We get caught, fall trapped
In a ballad of loved ones

Thank YOU

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This was great! Poetry is the beautiful way to write prose.


Thank you Mr @tiatu !!

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