POETRY | The Darkness Of Life

2년 전


When the eyes closed and tired of black coloring
It is darkness that has entered into itself
Tired of waiting for a glimmer of light
Eye tone began to dim unbearable
All that remains is dark and dark without light
Sleeping in the moon's cradle and the stars
Dininabobokan voice passage old guitar

The shakiness and imbalance make more and more laid
Almost fainted and often I think there is still breath
I was getting worse and swayed in a long fatigue
Drizzle helped add to the cold tonight
Unbearable to await the arrival of the sun on the morning horizon

Frost and resignation continue to squeeze the space of life
Angry to rebel and toward change
Yes, change for the better and noble
However, the time scrolled very quickly from morning to night
And I think the nights are longer than morning or noon
Oh, the world why the journey of life I think is more black and dark

The stupidity of day is getting more and more up to the self
Blindness to the positive makes hollow hopeless
There is nothing but chaos, tiredness, tiredness and high emotional shock
Culminating in making yourself a prisoner
Almost insane and pushed me away from my consciousness

Indecision and doubt shook my initial decision
Where the initial decision is best for the future
But unfortunately my mind is closed and reluctantly involves the brain to contemplate
Yes, regret always comes later, probably true what the saying goes.


Folow @jumaidi
Thanks You

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