Apologies (world poetry Day)


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I'm sorry for being black,
I apologise for being born that way,
and refused to turn white like an over-kept corpse.

I'm sorry for being an African
We're one of a kind
I didn't know that irritates you badly.
I apologise for belonging to that race, a slave to your race.

I'm sorry for being excellent
I didn't know you wouldn't be able to keep up with the competition that you created in your head, that to us you are always ahead.
Nay we are too unique to compete
I apologise for being uniquely outstanding.

I'm sorry for being human, my humanity exposes your cruelty.
It uncovers the untold truth burried in collapsed mines.
As long as you bare it in mind I'm fine.
I apologise not for being uniquely created.
I am like you;the master's Masterpiece

I am not Racist, neither are. We are humans!

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