Just a Dream (An original poetry)


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Last night I had a dream,
I was with my mum and she bought me ice cream

She was full of smiles
I held her pinky finger as we talked and walked for miles

She looked really thin
Told me a lot of pleasant things
And when my head pressed against her breast in an embrace, I could hear her heart calling my name in every beat.
I loved the smell of her skin

Last night I had a dream that I was still her kid, and I was loved, and she'd never left me.
Somehow, in someway I felt like it was a dream. But it felt so real

She promised to never leave again, I knew she lied but I believed
She had carried me on her back
Just like the old times, it was so exciting
Deep inside I swore to never close my eyes again losing her would never be a bargain

Then goes my alarm clock screaming
Slowly I got out of my bed sad
But I should have known I was dreaming again.
Last night, it was just a dream 😫

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